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Breastfeeding back to work training

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Elmo230885 Thu 06-Feb-20 14:25:00

Thankyou for your reply, I guess I'll have to talk to them. I have a new manager, hope she's better than the last one!

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partysong Thu 06-Feb-20 12:50:25

I want to be helpful but it just feels too specific - as far as I'm aware reasonable adjustments are those your boss feels is reasonable so it's probably something you'll need to just openly talk to them about. I assume they were all paying your hotel costs anyway so a family room wouldn't be much more?

Elmo230885 Thu 06-Feb-20 10:13:47

Anyone? Advice? Experience?

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Elmo230885 Thu 06-Feb-20 07:48:59

Background- DS is 9 months, planning to return to work when he is 1. Currently he is still breastfed. Mainly in a morning and at night but some feeds in the day, which are hit and miss really, no real pattern.

Issue- When I return to work I will need to do training as I have been out of the business for more than 6 months. I did this after having DD 3 years ago. The training is 5 days and in a location away from home. This was ok with DD as she wasn't breastfed at that point but will be different with DS. All expenses are paid by my employer.
I've read up on rights day to day with work but where do I stand in relation to being away? I obviously can't leave him for 5 days. Would reasonable adjustments include work having to facilitate me bringing him with me? (And by extension DD and DH). The last training was 4 hours drive away so no way I could commute each day.
Any experiences?

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