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Reasonable adjustments

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mormingcoffeeplease Tue 04-Feb-20 09:45:29

Hi just looking for a little insight.

I am looking to return to work after a major operation, longer absence than expected but long story short I almost died and ended up in intensive care.

I currently work 4 days a week and do two split shifts. I am not 100% recovered but I may never be. I have been looking into a reasonable adjustment, do you think it’s reasonable to request reducing my split shift to just the first part of the shift?

As the day wears on the pain increases so working into the evenings would get more difficult. I am nervous off asking as we’re a strong team In my department and I don’t want others to feel I am getting an easy ride! I have in the past reduced my hours for flexible working due to my daughter being autistic/ adhd/ Sens

I work for a large global cooperation so they do have the means to make adjustments.

Am I going to come across as me me me?

Or should I just stay long term sick which I don’t want to do.


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LangLiveThePenis Tue 04-Feb-20 09:52:58

Will it affect the way your team runs? Does anyone else do split shifts or half days?
Is it the kind of job where you have a caseload or the type where you need so many in at one time?

CornishPorsche Tue 04-Feb-20 09:58:21

Split shifts - are you in the service industry?

It would be a very reasonable adjustment while you recover, but they may want to discuss long term contract implications with your after a set period of time.

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