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Bramble88 Wed 29-Jan-20 21:58:24

Hi all, I just need some advice. I’m currently on maternity leave from my job in the hospitality industry, before DD I worked long unsociable hours in a pretty toxic environment.
Furthermore my partner is in the merchant navy and is gone for 3 months at a time, and I’m six hours drive away from family.
Childcare is crazy expensive and my pay just won’t stretch that far.
I’m considering not returning, but will I have to pay back part of my maternity pay? I could request flexible working but I’m worried about childcare for the LO.

Just need some advice and perspective sad it’s stressing me out

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Whatdayisit2 Wed 29-Jan-20 22:03:56

Not necessarily it depends on your employer. Childcare is extortionate I feel your pain- but it will get better as baby gets older. Flexible working and tax credits might be a way forward, and childminders tend to be cheaper than nurseries?

SideHustle Wed 29-Jan-20 22:04:53

I don't think anyone can answer that question without seeing your contract I'm afraid. Do you have a copy of it?

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