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School job dilemma

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notanothercheesesandwich Wed 29-Jan-20 11:06:56

I have been a sahm for 14 years (4 kids) I have done lots of volunteering during this time and finally got taken on as bank TA at my kids primary last spring. This winter have been covering for someone on long term sickness. Starting off at 6 hours a week and then raised to 12hrs/wk. They have now asked if I want more hours and it has gone up to 33.5hrs/wk. It is meant to start next week but I am having a bit of a panic. I don't know how I am going to cope with working virtually full time and facilitating all my kids activities (currently 15+ clubs a week!) And I am doing a part time degree. I'd be quite keen to give it a try and the extra money would be lovely BUT, it is only about £500 a month more than we currently get in tax credits which would obviously stop, so essentially I would be running myself ragged for that amount. I have a history of chronic fatigue illnesses (why I gave up uni 20 years ago, although I did work full time before I had kids). I am scared if I start and I cant manage that I wont qualify for tax credits again and I dont know how UC would effect us. Just dont know what to do. Was chatting to the business manager in school yesterday and I think all the talk of contracts has scared me. If it could be a more rolling flexible arrangement I might be happier.

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lavenderhidcote Thu 30-Jan-20 10:46:20

Sounds like you should have kept to lower hours and the higher number of hours is going to be too much. However if you have agreed to do it from Monday I would try it for next couple of weeks to see if it is feasible. I would not sign a contract, put that off, perhaps even mention that you are seeing how it goes until half-term. I would not be pressured into taking something that is going to be bad move for you and your family, and you could even end up not working altogether if you overdo it.

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