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TaniaL Mon 27-Jan-20 20:14:53

Hi I have a job interview in morning and it's for an OT and physiotherapist assistant, what sort of questions will they ask me? Very nervous tia x

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EvaHarknessRose Mon 27-Jan-20 21:48:34

Good luck 🍀. Make sure you are comfortable and prepared and smile.a lot, you'll be fine. They'll have to ask everyone the same questions and they will be looking for you to mention key things to score you high. Don't worry about looking nervous, most candidates do. Just take your time and try to hit your key points.
Can you tell us about a time you worked effectively in a team (mention communication, supporting others, checking if there's something you don't know etc etc)
How would you ensure confidentiality is maintained (correct use of patient notes, ensuring you are in a private area before sharing confidential information, ensuring information is not shared outside the team without patient consent, except in case of agreed safeguarding actions.
Can you tell us about a time that you made an error and how you went about resolving the situation / how you dealt with a complaint
Clinical and caseload supervision (having support and a regular chance to.discuss your work with a manager or lead OT/physio is a good answer to many things - that you would want to use this well to support your learning.
Think of the strengths you want to emphasise, the examples you want to mention, the reasons you are passionate about this role, and then shoehorn them in to your answers!

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