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Baby 5 months due back to work soon scared

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stephk2020 Sat 18-Jan-20 22:01:41

I have a bit of a dilemma I am a childcare worker and I have a 5 month old and due back to work in 3 weeks he will be 5.5 months he will be going to the same place I work and in the room next door I trust the people I work with he will be going Tuesday to friday for 3.5 hours a day a I will be working part time I'm so scared I dont know If I'm doing the right thing going back to work I feel like I have the best of everything but I love being at home with my baby financially its just not possible to stay home it's really upsetting me . Any advise would be appreciated thanks

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GreenTulips Sat 18-Jan-20 22:03:49

It’s a change.
You have to work so not much you can do about it unless you win the lottery.

3.5 hours a day isn’t that long really.

gaffamate Sun 19-Jan-20 19:00:36

3.5 hours a day with you next door is nothing, you'll be able to pop in if you want, he may sleep for most of it.

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