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Working while on MAT leave?

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RainMinusBow Sat 18-Jan-20 01:20:07

I'm not sure if this is even technically allowed?!

Long story short, I'm expecting a baby in May. We're thrilled but it will mean I'm not working! Both fiancé and I work ft but on low wages - he earns around £1500 pm and I earn around £1000.

Is it permitted to work at all during MAT leave? I don't mean in my ft job, but maybe say doing private tuition or something in that (I'm a qualified teacher)?

Our rent alone is £900 pm so don't see how we can really manage on £1,500 pm!!!

What makes it complicated even further... we don't qualify for any benefits as I have savings from my divorce. The plan was/is to use these savings as a mortgage deposit. However, no way we are going to be offered a mortgage on just fiancé's salary alone.

So stressed out and feeling very down sad

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RainbowMum11 Sat 18-Jan-20 01:49:28

If you're on Mat leave though do you qualify for SMP or MA? That could be around £500/month depending on your entitlement.
You can work up to 10 days KIT at your normal place of work but yes, if you have 2 jobs, as long as you meet the requirements for MA/SMP then you could return to 1 employment before the other.

RainMinusBow Sat 18-Jan-20 01:58:36

SMP which I think is about £150 pw so around £600 pm.

That would mean joint household income pm of around £1,900 which still won't cover all of bills as private rent alone £900 pm.

I have two boys 50:50 from first marriage so we can't downsize - it's going to be a struggle in a 3-bed as it is!

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cabbageking Sat 18-Jan-20 02:01:51

Check your work has no issues and there is nothing in your contract to stop you.

You can them work self employed for another organisation if on SMP.

RainMinusBow Sat 18-Jan-20 02:05:36

@cabbageking Thanks, will do. Not sure how much private tutors make an hour, but even if I did a couple of hours a week of an evening it would really help 😊

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