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employing a nanny

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sinclair Tue 03-Sep-02 16:46:39

Help! I have found a lovely nanny via a personal recommendation but as a result all the help I thought I would get from an agency on contract and tax I am having to source for myself. Is there anywhere (online?) I can go for a basic, reliable contract, and tax info? I have read all the posts on this subject, some brilliant ideas, but I need the basic thing which I can bolt these suggestions onto. Thanks

ks Tue 03-Sep-02 19:15:39

Message withdrawn

cos Tue 03-Sep-02 21:47:19

Sinclair i thought nannytax were v good. BTW when i phoned the Inland revenue for a new employers pack we were audited about 3 weeks later..

SofiaAmes Tue 03-Sep-02 22:07:48

Don't bother with the inland revenue. A few years ago when I suggested to my accountants that my dh's business might be doing well enough to take on an employee and what would be involved, they said that they would have the inland revenue send me the employer's starter pack. Well, 3 months later, I had a stack on informational leaflets, forms, paperwork a foot (i'm not exaggerating) high and a series of invoices for the taxes on this "new employee." I have a MBA and have always done my own taxes in the usa, but don't think I could have figured out all this paperwork and info. on my own in anything less than several months. If there is a company that only charges 140 a year to do your employer taxes/forms for you...go for it.

Jasper Tue 03-Sep-02 23:06:13

Agree with SofiaAmes. I am familiar with the employers starter pack and it is a holy nightmare.
£140 plus vat is a snip for the amount of hassle involved in working out tax and NI for your employees.

bells2 Wed 04-Sep-02 07:45:26

And they provide a payslip each month for your Nanny and also provide a legal advice service for nannu related issues. Would definitely recommend it.

bee Wed 04-Sep-02 11:49:00

If you want to see a copy of the contract I used for three nannies over six years, I'd be happy to send it on. Ask the techies at mumsnet to give you my email.

sinclair Wed 04-Sep-02 12:49:03

Thank you all so much for the advice and so quick too! I will definitely do the nannytax thing - the lady with the MBA has scared me into it! And Bee, I would love to get your contract - mumsnet techies if you are listening can you let us swap email addresses? Thanks again everyone for the advice.

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