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26 and never had a job. Looking for anyone in similar position /advice?

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Astressedmumoftwo Fri 27-Dec-19 20:27:02

Ok so, I'm 26 and never had what I'd consider a real job.
Basically I did my A levels, went to uni. Suffered an eating disorder and a bunch of other mental health issues which ended up with a suicide attempt and I dropped out of uni. I briefly had a christmas retail job but was let go after christmas. At which point I started a couple of different apprenticeships, 3 total. I did each for a month each then left. One because I was being bullied horrifically and the other because I was being harrassed in a sexual manner and hadn't learn to stand up for myself and it was making me miserable. At which point {now 19} I fell pregnant unexpectedly and had a bunch of health issues. I'd started another apprenticeship, but was asked to leave due to my health issues and being pregnant. So I stayed home from this point on with childcare being too expensive to consider going back into the apprenticeship I'd left at the next intake and also things like nightshifts to consider. 3 years later I had another baby. Now my eldest is nearly 6 years old, youngest is 2.5 . I'm 26 and facing my youngest going into school in a couple of years. I'm not really sure what to do with my life? I still struggle quite badly with my mental health. I have really severe social anxiety and struggle going out on my own with my kids. The thought of starting a new job fills me with dread especially as I had really bad experiences before.
At the same time, I don't want to reach 30 having never really worked. It's something I feel somewhat guilty about. We get by fine on my husbands income, he has a very good job luckily and it's in a high demand field. But I'd like to be able to help with money and I also worry what would happen if something happened to my husband and I had to provide. I also think I'll be bored when both my kids are in school full time..I just don't know how to go about it. I know it sounds really silly, but even things like references- I don't really have any to put on my CV. I also don't know what I want to do. I've never been one of these people who had a drive to get into a certain field. I don't have any talents or anything. I've debated going back to college to then go into something but I'd have to pay out of pocket for most courses.
I feel really alone in my situation, I'm aware I'm out of the norm now but I'm wondering if there's anyone else? Or if anyone has any advice. Sorry if this post is really jumbled up.
Thanks for reading if you made it this far.

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moctodtensmum Fri 27-Dec-19 20:30:55

Maybe try volunteering on an area you are interested in. That way you can test how you feel being out and about and working with people. You can also make contacts in the field you are interested in and build up relevant experience for your cv.

Hemelbelle Fri 27-Dec-19 20:38:50

Sorry to hear of your health issues and I hope you continue to make a good recovery. I would also suggest volunteering as a first option. There are numerous options to suit all interests and fit in around your children. It would hopefully help build your confidence and would be something to put on your CV, when you apply for paid work, regardless of whether or not you do more than a couple of hours a week.

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