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Got interview for ok job but advert for dream job just appeared

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Kitkatforchristmasdinner Mon 23-Dec-19 19:29:55

Need your help. I applied for an ok job and have an interview lined up. Meanwhile my dream job has appeared. Unfortunately interview for ok job will happen before shortlisting of dream job. What should I do?

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BikeRunSki Mon 23-Dec-19 19:35:01

You’re assuming you’re going to be offered both jobs!

Apply for dream job of course. If you get an interview go to it. If you get offered dream job, accept it!

In the mean time, go to the other interview. See what the circumstances are if you’re offered it. You may have to accept it, then turn it down, but the recruiting manager should not be too surprised that you have applied for more than one job. They should have runners up to contact g it, if it comes to it.

sirmione16 Mon 23-Dec-19 19:46:16

You don't know you'll get either for one. And even if you get offered the OK job, you can always accept or refuse the position politely if you then get offered the dream job

Chewbecca Mon 23-Dec-19 19:48:24

Only thing you can do is keep pursuing both.

IF you ge offered ok job, you will have to stall a decision until you know the outcome of dream job.

MarshaBradyo Mon 23-Dec-19 19:48:27

Go to both and see what happens

Kitkatforchristmasdinner Mon 23-Dec-19 21:10:14

Thanks everyone. I know I might not get either. Am returning to work after massive break being SAHM. Totally lacking in confidence. Any job will be an achievement.

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