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how did your kids cope when you went back to work

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backtoworkmummy Fri 24-Aug-07 08:57:20

just wondering what effect going back to work had on your children and also what ages were they when you went back

BecauseImWorthIt Fri 24-Aug-07 09:06:20

Perfectly well! I went back when ds1 was 6 months' old and ds2 was 6 months old and then ds1 was 3/

Had a lovely, lovely nanny who did all kinds of fun things with them and who was very affectionate and loved them to pieces.

Good luck!

MamaG Fri 24-Aug-07 09:08:10

DD (first baby) was 14 weeks old. I sobbed all the way to work. I wouldn't have done it but we needed the money.

DS was 7 months and I went back P/T

Hae eclose relationship with both! DD was looked after by my Mum

DS lookd after by DH on teh days I work.

Having confidence in your childcare is key.

BecauseImWorthIt Fri 24-Aug-07 09:17:14

Absolutely agree with the confidence thing MamaG.

I remember writing down the registration number of my nanny's car on her first day as I had a sudden panic she wouldn't come back with ds1! (Completely unnecessary of course!)

backtoworkmummy Fri 24-Aug-07 09:29:14

my children currently go to nursery 1 day a week which is great, but i will go back 4 days, i would leave that at the nursery but the hours dont fit around my job so they would have to go to a childminder...although i have met a really nice lady i just cant get my head round whether i'm doing the right thing...but i'm sure her day would be far more fun than being with me as i dont always have the energy to do all the things that the childminder does...going to groups everyday, i'm also not the most sociable person so have never really gotten involved in groups etc which isnt nessarily fair on the children

RubySlippers Fri 24-Aug-07 09:31:39

DS went to nursery when he was 6 months old
How did he cope - loved it from the start and still does now (he is 15 months)
harder for me TBH, but now we are in a great routine and things are going smoothly

most important thing is that whatever childcare you choose, you must be happy and confident in it or you will spend your working day feeling anxious and upset

RubySlippers Fri 24-Aug-07 09:32:07

realised i have basically said what everyone else has re confidence but it is the key i think

backtoworkmummy Fri 24-Aug-07 09:35:21

i'm a real worrier what ever i do thats the problem. I really like the nursery just need someone to pick them up, but its just for an hour a day and thats impossible to find

WideWebWitch Fri 24-Aug-07 09:37:00

ds (now nearly 10), I started pt work when he was 5 but still collected him from school

dd, I went back to work when she was 4months, dh was a sahd for a while, then we both worked ft oth from when she was 1.5

they're both fine!

backtoworkmummy Fri 24-Aug-07 09:42:57

i guess the truth is children adapt and though they maybe sad to start it will become life, i mean i just have to get over all this crap of feeling sooooo guilty

Boobsgonesouth Fri 24-Aug-07 17:16:44

have just returned to full time work and DC have been actually fine !! Have spent 4 out of 5 days away over the last two weeks and was really worried aboutit . TBH it's felt like a mini holiday to me as we were put up in a lovely hotel with a spa and swimming pool and it's been great getting the old brain box working again....all the worries that I had about DC have vanished as they have been fine. We're fortunate, though, as DH is based from home so childminder has been coming to the house from 8.30 'til 4.30, then DH taking over from then. I can't believe I've actually done it...and it's all worked out fine !!!

DS is 6 and a half and DD is 4 and a half

Furzella Fri 24-Aug-07 17:55:00

I went back after a year with dd1 and she was absolutely fine and really flourished at the childminders. After dd2 I went back when she was 8 months and dd1 was two and a quarter. Dd2 was fine and dandy, dd1 had a harder time, but I think more because the new childminders we were at didn't suit her or us at all - the kids ran wild (or they did to my way of thinking) amd dd1 became so wired in that environment that we were all ragged at the end of the day. As soon as we got our lovely nanny, all went perfectly and they are now absolutely fine and I think enjoy having a mummy who works. As everyone has said, it's all about the quality of - and your trust in - your childcare.

scienceteacher Fri 24-Aug-07 17:58:37

I rtw when DS1 was 3 months, then when DS2 was 9 months. Both were absolutely fine. I was fortunate that I was able to go to the childminder's at lunchtime to bf.

Then a very long maternity leave and 3 more children, I rtw p/t and casual (supply teaching) when DD3 was 3+ and in part-time nursery. No problems at all with attachment. We had had au pairs when I was a SAHM, and even though they changed, the DDs were still used to having a young girl around.

backtoworkmummy Fri 24-Aug-07 20:00:34

you are all so right. Confidence is key. I interviewed a couple of girls today to pick my children up from nursery and i was really happy. Ultimately i think i will get an aupair in a couple of months and still send the girls to nursery a day aswell, its really great listening to all your experiences though....majorly helpful

itwasntme Fri 24-Aug-07 20:19:52

DD was fine, despite a lot of upheaval.. we had recently emigrated, and so the new nursery I placed her in was in a language she was unfamiliar with. I started part time, then after six months went full time. She was very upset for the first few days of leaving her, and then quickly adjusted

She had a short rebellious phase after she started full time, but apart from that, she's been fine

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