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Please help me find a p/t job - I'm desperate.

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sweetkitty Thu 23-Aug-07 22:03:47

Right this could be long. Pre children I had a really good job in London but it was in a very specialised scientific area and after leaving uni I had to move from Scotland to SE England to find work. After DD1 was born we moved back to Scotland and had DD2. Through one thing and another (been really unlucky in a house move and lost thousands) we are in dire straights financially. DP makes decent money but we have loads of debts we can make ends meet but only just there isn't anything left over for anything else. I would love to get a p/t job 2 days a week but am really going to struggle as I am unskilled in everything apart from one area and I will never get a job up here in my field.

Other things to consider are:

- DD1 is in nursery 5 mornings a week but I could change this to 2 full days
- would need nursery care for DD2
- DP works long hours and isn't home until 7pm
- have no family nearby that can help with childcare or nursery pick ups
- eventually I would like to do a PGCE and retrain as a Primary school teacher

am I being really hopeful that I can find a p/t job 2 days a week that makes me enough to cover DD2's nursery fees?

anyone got any ideas I'm so desperate?

callmeovercautious Fri 24-Aug-07 11:06:18

Childminding? If you are interested in teaching this may be a good start for you. You can take on a couple of part time children to give you some extra cash but still leave you time with your 2.

Can you do an evening/night shift in a Supermarket?

What talents do you have? Are you arty? If so can you make things to sell?

Just a few thoughts

LIZS Fri 24-Aug-07 11:12:55

Nursery assistant or work in playgroup and you could perhaps take a TA course or NVQ. Early morning shift cleaning or in supermarket so dp could do nursery drop off and it might only cost you for the morning ? 2 days a week seems rare tbh and you may be better off aiming to do say 16 hours minimum to get a childcare tax credit element.

sweetkitty Fri 24-Aug-07 12:40:32


no can do early mornings as DP leaves at 6.15am

mmm have thought about childminding in the past maybe having a couple of afterschoolers but I can't afford a new people carrier type car so they would have to be local plus I have 3 cats don't know if that goes against you

LIZS - If I do a TA course I might as well go the whoel hog and do the PGCE course this is my plan for the future but it would be a bit diffult right now

Also to further complicate things I am planning to ttc#3 shortly (just had a mc) madness I now when we are so skint but it's now no never and the mc has made me realise how much we want a third child.

I'm now thinking about care work maybe doing 2 night shifts a week going to be tough as I won't sleep until DP gets home but I know people who do it. But you probably need experience at least.

I am kicking myself why did I do a degree that is so specialised that I can't ge a job in????

littlemissbossy Fri 24-Aug-07 12:52:02

How about something part-time in a school? admin/office or teaching assistant, have a look at your local education website for current vacancies.
Alternatively you could work in retail - not highly paid but you'd get staff discount. OR how about taking in ironing? I pay about £20 a week for ours doing and I pay cash.
Have you looked into working families tax credits to cover nursery fees?
BTW I'm also looking for part-time work, just been made redundant. HTH and good luck

charliecat Fri 24-Aug-07 12:55:47

Just for now sell anything lying about on ebay.
You may find something sells well and you could do that to contribute.

legalalien Fri 24-Aug-07 13:00:43

Have you thought about medical sales? Not something I have experience with, but I do know some people with various specialised scientific degrees (non-medical) who have managed to land part time jobs doing medical sales work. If you google for medical sales jobs / pharmaceutical sales jobs, a bunch of recruitment agencies etc come up.

legalalien Fri 24-Aug-07 13:19:28

-or someone at the water cooler suggested quality auditing

<cue another google search>

Of course, I'm assuming that you studied science because you liked it!

LIZS Fri 24-Aug-07 13:23:39

Depending on your scientific background , could you work in a school/college science lab, pharmacy, proof read scientific documents or theses or even tutor ?

sweetkitty Fri 24-Aug-07 13:47:31

Some good suggestions here thanks for taking the time.

I did work in Next p/t over the Christmas period last year and hated it, they only gave nme 4 hours a week on a Saturday I spent an hour travelling there and back and I never even got till trained stood about arranging shoes. Think I would need something a bit closer to home.

Quality auditing would be good if I could get into it, I have a professional auditing qualification.

Don't really fancy medical sales know a few friends in it, I am very nervous driver and hate driving anywhere new as well.

Good ideas on here may fire the old CV off to a few recruitment agencies can't hurt can it?

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