Would you change jobs while on maternity leave?

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RMarieClaire Thu 12-Dec-19 18:51:21

Curious to know if you would do this, or if I'm crazy to consider it?

FMI, My LO is 6mo, and right now the concept of leaving her is awful, but I know that it's the right thing for us, and in a few months time I'm hoping I'll feel more OK with it.

However, I'm not sure if I want to go back to my old job. They've treated me quite unfairly on maternity leave, and I feel if I go back I'll essentially be going back in a demoted position. I don't believe they'll promote me without me threatening to leave, because that's how they operate, even though I made them a considerable amount of money this year.

I've got through to second stage in interviews for a job that sounds fantastic, but I know that starting a new job is full on, and I'm worried I will struggle. I would be firm in terms of needing some flexibility around hours, etc, but it's still a big job and a biggish commute (1 hour, but no longer than my current role), and would probably be 5 days a week without flexibility on that.

So, would love to know - have you done it? are you doing it? would you do it? am I insane?

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Hugsandpastries Thu 12-Dec-19 19:17:08

Do you have anyone who can help cover illness? Asking because in my experience when babies first start nursery they get ill a lot. I found all my holiday went on taking time off to look after a sickly baby. Plus I was getting calls several times a month asking me to pick him up early. It was the most stressful thing about going back to work. You might be luckier and have a really healthy baby but bear it in mind as a possibility! If you have a partner/family who can help out that will make it a lot less stressful.

rottiemum88 Thu 12-Dec-19 19:33:04

Had a similar experience going back to work when DS was 7 months old, although it was a move to another role within the same company rather than a new company. Honestly... it's tough and if I didn't have my previous email work record behind me I honestly think I might have lost my job by now. As PP mentioned, sickness is usually terrible for the first few months at nursery and DH works further away than me and often travels for work, but even with his help covering some of the sick spells, I've still been off way more than most employers would accept, which is just so stressful when you're already adapting to being back at work full time after mat leave. I wouldn't recommend it to be honest

grisen Thu 12-Dec-19 19:36:59

I wish I’d done it. I went back to my old job-old pay but doing a demoted job because they didn’t need an other person on my level after hiring 4 more to my position.
Now leaving for another job 3 months after maternity and couldn’t be happier.
If they weren’t treating you right on maternity-in my case having to train people unpaid. Expect them to treat you like crap when you return, loss of pay, etc.
So sorry you’re going through this.

grisen Thu 12-Dec-19 19:38:49

also my sons nursery have never asked us to pick him up early and he’s not been sick yet.

user1471549213 Thu 12-Dec-19 19:52:27

While on mat leave on dc2 I changed jobs. Best thing I ever did. Much more enjoyable and varied work and better circumstances...closer to home etc. Same pay. My dc started nursery the same week and I never had to take time off for her being sick.

Now 8 months pregnant on dc 3 have recently secured a promotion in new place and will be returning to that once I finish this mat leave too.

Finally for me I was in the right place at the right time. If you feel going back to old place would be a demotion then don't do it. Find somethinf that challenges and interests you or you will probably resent the commute and time away from your child. At least if you are challenged and interested in work you are happy to go.

It's hard but very doable. I don't think we would be having dc3 if I hadn't moved as financially and logistically it wouldn't have worked.

RMarieClaire Thu 12-Dec-19 21:02:15

@grisen Thank you - sounds like we had similar experiences! I have discussed with DH and we've agreed if I do go back we'll try for another baby basically straightaway, but I'd prefer to wait and progress my career a little.

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RMarieClaire Thu 12-Dec-19 21:02:58

@user1471549213 that is so good to hear! It's scary but I agree, I want to feel enthusiastic about work! And a bit more money would be nice too.

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