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Blurby Wed 18-Dec-19 20:21:24

I went back to work after 6 months of mat leave. After another 6 months, I left my full time position in a well paid managerial role. Husband isn't on huge income but I do a small amount of work as freelance and am looking to take on some part time work after I have my second child. We make it work so far and I value the time I get to spend with my child.

If you are serious about leaving, make a plan and really assess how you'd be financially and prepare to make cut backs. Consider how unhappy you are in the role. Does it warrant you leaving imminently?

ButtercupGirI Wed 18-Dec-19 20:17:37

It is a really bad idea financially for yourself and your children if you are not married to your partner, no marriage is guaranteed.

Also you won't be paying into your pension unless your partner willing to, it really does matter when you retire, unless of course you expect some sort of inheritance.

And yes, I regret I left my career, no way I will earn anywhere near anymore.

There are a lot of posts about thus topic, I am sure you will find other people's experience will be useful to know.

Good luck.

Dlah Sun 01-Dec-19 20:24:29

Mother to 1 child, went back to work when she was nearly 1 full time as a manager. Have been in this role just over 2 years now but I'm falling out of love with it. We are trying to get pregnant again but this is seemingly a slow process, my question is, what happens if you just quit?! I've never done this before as in to just stop work.

Partner on a respectable 32k a year job, presuming this would mean however that we'd only receive normal child benefit?

I do actually have a part time job which I'd like to keep on but that's zero hours so not exactly stable.

Has anyone just gone for it and become a SAHM and glad they did?

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