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Does it makes sense to get back to work

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aFotografy Mon 25-Nov-19 11:21:32

Hello everyone,

We are trying to figure out how to juggle life and work.

We have 3 kids. One at school, one starts next year and the youngest will be 3.

Mum gets child tax credits and dad is self employed. We have looked into the work options but totally puzzled on what is best to do. Mum has been at home for 7 years now and she wants to get back to work.

Because of the high cots of the childcare, does it makes sense to go back to work? Mum gets for 500 pm and if she goes to work, she would need to pretty much fork out 800-900 a month for the full time nursery. So my understanding is that mum would loose for credits and pretty much work only for the nursery costs.

Dad possibly could be 2 working days at home with kids.

Is there a way she could keep tax credits but work a little? Is that even possible?

Oh and we live in Scotland, if that makes any difference.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you,

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