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sweets4u Sun 24-Nov-19 11:20:12

I'm late 40's struggling to get back into a job I want

I used to be a BDM and have done sales rep jobs

Last 6 years I started my own business self employed but it's not worked

I want to get back into what I used to do but don't know what to put on my cv

I paid for a professional cv writer but they just laid it out better

So what some advice on if anyone has done this ?

Basically returning to a career I used to do
I have bags of experience I was really good but I keep getting told I've been out of the game for so long

I was on 60k plus and have dropped to look for roles 30k and even that's not helped

I'm finding people in their 20's doing my role and I just want to get to interview stage

My cv reads I've been self employed for 6 yrs but also I have worked for companies which have failed no doing of my own
One went under, one didn't even pay me so I decided to go it alone and worry putting that on my cv

The cv writer wrote me two and I'm just confused


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