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NHS maternity pay entitlement

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Crazycatlady161 Sat 23-Nov-19 11:51:24

Hi everyone, hoping there’s someone that can help. I spent three years training for my job (even though this was NHS I was on student placement so not actually employed by them so it doesn’t count) and when I qualified I got a job in my local trust with the NHS which started October 2018, I only worked for two months before going off on sick leave for a few months (due to severe PGP) followed by maternity leave and as I hadn’t been there long enough I didn’t qualify for NHS maternity pay and just got maternity allowance. I went back to work this week (18th November) and already thinking about another (not ideal in terms of jobs but I have my whole life for my career and would rather have a close ish age gap!)
Am I entitled to NHS maternity pay now as I have officially been there over a year, it says you have to have 12 months continual service to be entitled but I can’t find anywhere whether maternity and sick pleave counts towards this or whether I have to start again from when I returned? Does anyone know for sure or anyone done similar?
I intend to work until we fall pregnant and as far into my pregnancy as possible and will be going back after the second lot of maternity leave, and will probably work for the NHS for the rest of my life. It might take ages to conceive and then it wouldn’t matter but wondered if anyone knew the answer to this in case we fall sooner rather than later! Thanks for any help!

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fickthisshut Sat 23-Nov-19 11:59:21

I am pretty certain that sick leave counts as continued employment for these sorts of purposes, but check with HR

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