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Retraining as a hypnobirthing practitioner

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Morwenna1 Sat 02-Nov-19 02:14:23

Hi, just wanted to hear from anyone who has retrained and is now offering private hypnobirthing sessions...what method did you train in (I.e.KG hypnobirthing, natal hypnotherapy etc), how much support did you get to set up your practise, how is business, is it easy to find clients? And also what is your plan if the NHS bring in hypnobirthing in your area (indeed, has it affected your business if it's already available in your local Trust?) Anything else I should know before going ahead? It really appeals to me after doing hypnobirthing myself with my 2 children, just wouldn't want to train if I'm then competing with my local Trust (currently not offering anything) Thoughts appreciated!

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