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Please flipping help me

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Taraswell Wed 30-Oct-19 20:41:41

I've had 4 years out of a busy quite well paid but very stressful career. Over the last year I've had several attempts to get back to work and have had so many different jobs it's become a bit of a joke. I even recently returned to my career only to swiftly leave again. I've tried full time and part time jobs but do not be able to stick at them. I do want to work though.
Has anyone ANY ideas of what I could do jobwise... all suggestions welcome!!!

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lancslass17 Wed 30-Oct-19 20:46:16

What are you qualified/have experience in?
What do you enjoy doing?
How much pay do yoi need?
Do you want to work in a group or alone, inside or out.
Why are you leaving the jobs yoi have?

All things to think about and maybe narrow down your choices.

Taraswell Wed 30-Oct-19 21:04:51

Experience in too many areas to name, and so varied its mental.
You name it I've probably done it over my working life, health and social care, teaching, recruitment, admin, childcare, sales & marketing, IT,
Delivering health and social care training and governance has been the main career (about 15 years) but I'm truly done with that. More recently I took a step down and have done lower paid jobs but can't settle anywhere. I'm near 50 and just want a job locally that I can turn up for, do my best, go home and switch off. Money not that important as have savings and good pension and have 2 properties.

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C0c0L0c082746 Thu 31-Oct-19 02:53:54

Rent out your properties & go traveling ?

Or volunteer

Or train for a new career

Or sell everything, downsize & retire

MsChatterbox Thu 31-Oct-19 03:42:51


lljkk Thu 31-Oct-19 03:47:59

You haven't explained what ur skills are. What does your CV say you can do well?

Myimaginaryfamiliarhasfleas Thu 31-Oct-19 03:59:55

Get a job at Waitrose. They all seem so happy!

quincejamplease Thu 31-Oct-19 04:24:38

What are the specific reasons you haven't been able to "settle" anywhere? I think that needs addressing or you'll just keep finding yourself in the same situation and we won't be able to make appropriate suggestions.

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