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returning to nursing ,anyone done the course?

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brimfull Wed 15-Aug-07 21:49:18

Have contacted the uni and the dilemna is I need to get a job to beable to do the course.

HAs anyone done this,did you get sponsored by hospital to do course?
Did it fit in school hours?
Do you enjoy the job,is it worth doing it.

I haven't worked as a nurse for 14 yrs

MeanieMama Wed 15-Aug-07 22:08:20

I did a Return to Practice course academic year 06 - 07, had been out of nursing for about 8 years. There was no stipulation that you had to have a job to do the course, and I received a £1000 bursary from the PCT on completion. The college based content was one day a week for approx three months along with 100 hrs clinical placement (around 2.5 wks full time but part time would have been an option).

HOWEVER, funny you should post about this as it's really on my mind - even though I was awarded a really good mark for my assessment portfolio I'm finding it difficult to get a job because of the long break, even got knocked back by the nurse bank as 6 months recent experience is required; the (standard) letter kindly suggested I enquire about Return to Practice courses - aargh!

3Ddonut Wed 15-Aug-07 22:12:39

In most trusts it's really hard to get jobs at the moment as most trusts are in massive debt, there's a job freeze on and people who leave aren't getting replaced, you can imagine how the stress levels are building....the students who are qualifying are been given 3month contracts only (and they're the lucky ones) it's no fun and we had a letter round lately about how to get legal advice should you be asked to attend court (because it's becoming more of a regular occurence and it's only going to get worse) I'm sorry, I hate my job and would rather do anything but am tied as we rely on my income, I'd think long and hard about whether you really want to be a nurse. Great for you if you do, passion is what you need to survive, sorry if I'm pessimistic it's not a job that suits me (apparantly)

3Ddonut Wed 15-Aug-07 22:14:25

School hours have only been given to one nurse that I've ever known (have been qualified 8 years) and she was a previous sister with loads of knowledge of the area which was very specialised and they really needed her on the team.

brimfull Wed 15-Aug-07 22:15:13

thanks for your replies-doesn't look good really does it.
Maybe I should look for something else then.

3Ddonut Wed 15-Aug-07 22:19:45

Don't let my one-sidedness put you off. I'm like Eeyore grumpy and pessimistic! It may not be the case in every trust but this is the state of ours (South Tees) do you know anyone working in your local trust? Ask around, there's probably loads of Mummy's in the playground who are nurses (there are in ours!) See both sides.

Bubble99 Wed 15-Aug-07 22:26:38

I'm reading this with interest, ggirl, as I'm just about meeting the hours/prof development to be able to hang on to my registration. I last worked full-time three years ago. It is the thought of having to do this course that has made me continue to do the odd shift, but TBH, Ive been working so irregularly that I know I'm not gaining many new skills at all.

brimfull Thu 16-Aug-07 10:54:52

yes,need to talk to some mums locally to see how things lie.
ANyone know how much hca's get paid?

3Ddonut Fri 17-Aug-07 10:16:30

I believe about £12,000 pa full-time but there are different grades within HCA's (as Im sure you're aware) and obviously there's shift enhancements now.

lyndsayconway Tue 21-Aug-07 16:20:56

Message withdrawn

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