Crying at the thought of returning to work.....

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Nicola1892 Tue 22-Oct-19 16:51:07

do let me start from when my work life started to go down hill.....

I was working for a well known finance company back in 2017 and was about to be promoted from a call centre agent to a amazing MI Analyst job when they decided to hold a “whole building meeting” straight away everyone knew what was going to be said.... “Redundancies” I was 6 months pregnant with my 2nd and now bricking it! Pregnant, no job and it’s nearly Christmas. I got made redundant at the end of November 2017 when I was 38 weeks pregnant, I did walk away with over £11 and had worked there less than 2 years so was happy to sign the piece of paper and just apply for a new job a couple of months after my boy was born. 3 months later, money was getting low so I started applying for jobs, I was quickly offered a position on okay money but horrendous hours finishing at 12 starting 7 hours later. Lasted 3 days, then I jumped on a agency job working for a marketing company cold calling, well after a month I was put on a massive IT Multi million pound partnership campaign on my own (sounds great but I am clueless about cloud IT systems) I quit after getting a ear bashing from a ceo telling me to sort my life out basically..... I quickly got offered a permanent job as a recruitment consultant but found the job ridiculously boring, sitting on Facebook for 8 hours a day. So I decided to apply for a job at our local care home, 4 days a weekly 7am-2pm shifts, this was amazing as I could finally have a job and do the school run. My husband works from home on a half decent wage so childcare never was a issue) I started at the care home in June 2018, and instantly loved the job, people, residents. I found out I was pregnant with 3rd in September 2018 even though on contraception and the morning sickness hit me like a brick wall. Aswell as this I was having problems with my nerves again so my legs/hips were very painful and I got very dizzy easily. Straight away I wanted to speak to work about it and get a risk assessment done but my manager wasn’t having any of it, she said that people never use to get special treatment when pregnant in her days and she kept putting me down to work with violent residents, even tho I had already been kicked in the stomach. I called HR straight away who got a risk assessment done. Me happy. Next my manager trying giving me a disciplinary for being Signed off with morning sickness, even though the nurse wouldn’t have me in the building as I wasn’t eating for up to 5 days at a time and I was in multiply meds. Called Hr again who stopped the process, my manager did also call me and have ago at me for calling HR. I basically signed myself off For the rest on my pregnancy of my pregnancy which is what the doctor/midwife advised along with getting my tubes tied due to how ill I was. So had baba May 19 tubes tied yay! Now since starting work I wanted to progress and I made this clear even though I was going on maternity leave, I applied for a care leader job and said I would come back after Xmas but they refused to interview me. Even though acas told me this was discrimination. Not happy but I’m not the person to sue a charity (I work for a trust) now I emailed work last week to ask for a return to work date as I didn’t have one and wanted to put my boy in nursery a couple of days and they told me I’ll be working whatever shifts Including lates available on return even though the job I was offered was for 4 early shifts, Then straight after they recalled the emails confirming my job was for all early’s and another email confirming my shifts would stay the same. I went into work but they were admitted I will work whatever is available. Once again me in tears wanted to jump infront on a bus as work were messing me about again I called Hr who called work and they denied it all happening and that they knew I was coming back on early shifts.......... now after all of the constant stress and bullying I burst into tears at the thought of going back there but my husband keeps telling me to because the hours are so good 😭

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