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Am I too old

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mitsi31 Thu 10-Oct-19 17:15:36

I have to admit I wasn't the brightest at school I did pass my exams but that was it I was more concerned about fitting in back then I do regret it. I went to college to do childcare and education only done my NC and my mind was still as if I was in school maybe to young I never went back I've been in and out of jobs had my D when I was 20
Been in a cleaning job there for 13 years now unemployed and applied for a cleaning job in a nursery

It's made me think could I re train and become a nursery teacher eventually
Am I too old or too old for college or would a open university course be more suited

What is the pay and hours like for nursery staff these days and are they easy jobs to find

I'm thinking this way as I have done on cv I've done my nc in childcare so that might come up on Monday at the interview

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