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What job after a baby/mat leave finishes?

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shan155 Wed 09-Oct-19 22:26:30

Myself and my partner are thinking of having baby number two soon as 'it feels like the right time'. We currently have DD who is 6.

I work full time, he's self employed. DD goes to after school/holiday clubs & grandparents the odd weekends we both work. Between us we have a decent income at the moment.

Planning for the second baby, were thinking what we're going to do work-wise for me after my maternity leave is up.

I have A-Levels in Social Work and would like to go ahead with a open uni course in Psychology next year so I would be doing that whilst at home with the baby too ideally. (Really don't want to have to go to full time work again so soon if I can help it)

But I don't think we could loose my full-time income. My partner's income is good - we would manage on it alone, but just no 'extras' such as holidays etc. And I don't like the idea of having to cut back on everything and get by. So I would also want to get a part time job too! Little pocket money as such.

Preferably something to do with Psychology - in the evenings or weekends.

What do other mums do for work on a part time basis after having a baby? (I went to college after my first, then she was in nursery when I returned to work)

Any advise on how to juggle work and two kiddies would be fab! Job ideas, best flexible jobs to get etc..

Thank you!! 😁

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BramwellHadThoughtOfEverything Sun 13-Oct-19 07:10:07

I don’t know if it’s the sort of the thing you’d be interested in but after my maternity leave I went back to work part time in a new job with a support / care work agency. Have found this to be very flexible and allows me to pretty much just the work hours that suit us with the possibility to change availability as circumstances change.

sepidf Mon 14-Oct-19 07:39:40

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Didiusfalco Mon 14-Oct-19 07:44:35

The first thing that springs to mind is some sort of care work? My friend has also found that Asda works very well for her, in terms of shifts and friendliness of other staff. I did some admin that was mostly at home but with a few meetings. Not loads of money though. I think it probably depends how much money you need?

StealthPolarBear Mon 14-Oct-19 07:58:01

Would childminding pt be an option

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