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First day back and baby cried all day

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GuernseyCow Mon 13-Aug-07 22:29:18

I knew it was going to be hard going back to work, as DD (8mo) is a real mummy's girl, and a very sensitive baby. But I had to come home early from work as MIL was so worried about her inconsolable crying and refusal to eat and am now dreading going in tomorrow. I do believe it will get better but how long should I expect it to take? Also, to make matters worse, DS will be going to a childminder in 2 weeks time (unavoidable gap due to holidays) so should I expect the crying all over again then?

GuernseyCow Tue 14-Aug-07 17:45:01

Sorry, I'm bumping this shamelessly. DD cried all day again today and wouldn't even take water or milk. Should I steel myself for this to last the rest of the week, a fortnight, or what? And is there really no harm done? Help, this is breaking my heart....

puffylovett Tue 14-Aug-07 17:47:55

h.i there, i can't offer any advice but really feel for you and just wanted to say so0meone here thinking of you !!!

WanderingTrolley Tue 14-Aug-07 17:53:01

It may take her a little while to settle down.

You MIL may just have different ways of doing things, which she may be finding a bit confusing. IME children will adapt v easily to one set of routines/rules with parents and another with childminder/granny etc, but it make take a little while.

Your MIL could be anxious to please, and your dd could be picking up on that.

It's just a new situation for her, that she isn't yet used to.

Also, eight months is a very clingy age, ime.

Lots of cuddles in order for your dd.

GreenGlassGoblin Tue 14-Aug-07 17:54:02

Hi GC, how many days are you at work? My DS cried at nursery dropping off time for weeks and weeks, but I don't think was as upset as your DD. He did get better and absolutely loves nursery now (turns round and tries to go back in at going home time!). And a friend was told by her childminder that she might have to make alternative arrangements as her little boy was so upset when she first went back to work that the cm was not sure she should take him on. And that little boy is really happy with his cm now - I think it took about 2 weeks, but she was very part time - maybe it will be quicker if you are working more days and your DD gets used to the new arrangements faster? I really feel for you - it's hard enough going back to work without this worry, isn't it?

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