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CV format online ?

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LIZS Mon 13-Aug-07 14:46:35

Can anyone link me to a template for a CV please. It's ages since I last did one and know expectations will have changed. Also do most companies now have their own standard online forms rather than acept a CV. tia

LIZS Thu 16-Aug-07 16:55:47


flowerybeanbag Thu 16-Aug-07 19:38:51

Hi Lizs, don't have any links to good templates I'm afraid but didn't want to leave this unanswered.
Few brief tips, put your employment stuff first, starting with most recent, don't put your education first.
Don't make it too long, otherwise they will be skim-reading by the end.
Do lots of bullets and space it so it is very easy to read, long paragraphs and close-together small type are not inviting to look at, and won't be read properly.

Look at the key criteria for the job, and tailor your cv accordingly to make sure these criteria stand out on your cv as much as possible - when listing experiences or responsibilities you had at a job, order them to reflect what the new job want.

Don't undersell your involvement in things. If you say things like 'helped with', 'assisted in', etc, people will assume your involvement and level of responsibility was minimal.

Just a few points off the top of my head. Oh, and don't put a photo on, put it in a folder, do it on funny coloured paper or anything like that, it should be v easy to photocopy. And pages will become detached so number pages 1 of 2 or whatever, and put your name in the header or footer of each page.

And with the forms, yes some companies do use these now, to get more uniformity in applications, so it will depend on the job.


LIZS Thu 16-Aug-07 21:31:46

thank you , very useful . Should I aim for one succinct page or spread to 2 ?

flowerybeanbag Thu 16-Aug-07 21:34:28

Don't squish it up, so if in doubt go for two nicely spaced out pages rather than squeezing it on to one. But don't waffle to fill up space either.
You can be concise and still get across quite a lot of information if you use good spacing and layout, bullets etc, and short easy to read sentences rather than long ones.

LIZS Thu 16-Aug-07 21:37:16


GuiltyMummy Thu 30-Aug-07 20:47:08

Just in case you're still looking at this...see if you can find other job specs on the internet & use some of the phrases on them to describe what you did in previous roles. Often job specs sound more professional than CVs.

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