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Supporting statement layout help - career change

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hayleybeach Wed 02-Oct-19 16:58:01

Hi, I used to work in the media and before that a history teacher and now am applying for a job as education lead in a local museum.

I've had recent experience paid and voluntary in schools and experience in safeguarding and risk management but have never actually worked in museums (although really always wanted to!)

Happy with my CV but would like some thoughts on setting out the supporting letter ie format, style etc.

Do you start with with Dear Sir/Maddam etc? Is it conversational or would they be expecting bullet points etc. No point in repeating what's on CV, right?

Obviously avoid waffling on about yourself and highlight the benefit you can bring to them, but need some pointers as to what format recruiters prefer. How to impress? Know I can do the job and need/want to show this.

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