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Can anyone direct me to a quick guide to current employment law for part timers?

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WideWebWitch Mon 26-Aug-02 13:12:14

Hi, I did a search but couldn't find anything here. I did a week of training for my new job back in July and start properly in Sept. From what I gather of my employers they are a bit slapdash: i.e the woman doing my job now was told she wasn't entitled to any paid holiday, no-one has contracts etc and I want to check out current legislation. I have recently asked what holiday I will be entitled to and suspect they might say "none". Is there a quick and easy guide to the current law somewhere that I could have a look at? I hope I don't need any of it but would like to know what my rights are in case. I'm also interested in the time off parents are entitled to (er, is it none?!)in the case of a child being ill - seem to remember there was recent legislation about this somewhere, did it ever happen? I hope I won't need any of it, but thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

WideWebWitch Mon 26-Aug-02 13:30:52

Ignore me, found the dti website which tells me what I need to know.

SofiaAmes Mon 26-Aug-02 22:09:14

www, i am curious as I work in a similar type of workplace. I'm not interested in making a fuss for my boss, but if I can get more out of the govt, I'd be happy to. What is the address of the dti site? thanks.

WideWebWitch Mon 26-Aug-02 22:13:45

Hi sofiaames, useful website, helped me find out loads about entitlements like new maternity laws, parental leave, contracts etc, all of which I intend to (tactfully, politely) ask for as and when necessary. Discovered that they do have to give me some paid holiday, hurrah! HTH. It's here

WideWebWitch Thu 29-Aug-02 10:59:32

My new employers have just emailed me back to say they want me to start my job on a self employed basis until the first review/trial period of one month is over. Can they do this? I don't feel happy about it since I don't want to be responsible for tax/NI. Having been self employed in the past I know it's a pain. Haven't the Inland Revenue rules changed about what constitutes self employment? I will only be working for them, anyone got any advice? Should I just agree or is this against IR rules?

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