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child care for older children

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Joe90 Thu 09-Aug-07 20:27:00

I returned home alone halfway through a fantastic camping holiday in Suffolk (Tangham Campsite, Rendlesham Forest)to go for an interview for a pt library manager job, I desparately want to return to work for my self esteem . Popped across to the after school/holiday club behind my house to see if they could fit kids in if I had to start soon. I was shocked to be told that they cannot take my 14 year old because of insurance!!!He has Aspergers and although I feel ok about leaving him for an hour or so with his siblings (11 and 10) I would not like him at home all day, are other mothers having problems with this and what do you do/feel about it? He wouldn't do anything dangerous, especially as I have made sure that they have not inherited my serious tea addiction so there would be no boiling of kettles, but he would spend all day on You Tube or reading in the v hot conservatory whilst wearing a fleece! Even Super Camps have the same cut off point, and then the government winges about teenagers wandering the streets!

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