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Worried about signing off and how much I will be left with

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BACKTOWORK321 Sun 08-Sep-19 21:00:39

Hi I am about to sign off been offerd a job 16 hours a week at a toal of £136 a week
I have phone up my housing and they informed me I will be paying £15 a week rent and £5 council tax,

I live with my daughter son and grandson

Daughter is 21 has 2 year old and single parent she gets £400 a month on UC
My son is 24 out of work and gets £57 jsa a week

Now ive used 2 differnt benfit caulctors to see and work out how much Housing rent I be paying and it told me £30-£40 a week on each one, but I got told £15 when phoned housing benfits dudley counlic.

When I have completed each cauclator and I told them my house and weekly wage ect they told me I would be left with £65 not on UC and £70 on UC. But when I have done the maths based on what the housing team has told me I would be left with arund £115 a week to my self after paying housing rent and counlic tax, So why is there a £40-50 shortfall acordding to them calculators Where has that money gone if its not to rent ? I am so worried as ill be worse of or the same as signing on according to them, But it just makes no sence to me.

Thank you i you need any more info just let me no, Sorry if its not clear

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