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Seen job advertised but application deadline is Friday and

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LIZS Wed 08-Aug-07 14:54:27

I can't get into their website to access the details or application form. I have emailed asking for the information to be sent ot me but due to post atm (isn't there a strike tomorrow)it seems unlikely I'd be able to turn it around in time . Will they even bother to contact me or extend the deadline ?

LIZS Wed 08-Aug-07 17:44:29

not heard back ....

LazyLineLegilimens Wed 08-Aug-07 17:45:52

Could they e-mail the information and forms to you. That way, even if you didn't get them until tomorrow you could email them back on friday.

flowerybeanbag Wed 08-Aug-07 17:47:27

They will if they don't have loads of decent applications.
If you can't get into website chances are other people can't either so they may find a dearth of candidates means they will extend.

Get it in as soon as you can, speak to someone by Friday to explain and ask for them to consider you. Also apologise and explain in application if you can.

good luck!

PrincessGoodLife Wed 08-Aug-07 18:04:08

have you tried phoning them?

LIZS Wed 08-Aug-07 18:07:33

Will ring if not heard back by email by lunchtime tomorrow It's only 11 hours a week so not certain if it is viable , hence why I need more info . Don't want to waste anyone's time unnecessarily.

LIZS Thu 09-Aug-07 10:55:20

Got an email - seems a bit go a gopher role

LIZS Thu 09-Aug-07 14:05:37

Deadline extended too - does that mean they have very few applications or to allow for post I wonder.

flowerybeanbag Thu 09-Aug-07 14:09:02

If they had loads of stunning applications anyway they probably wouldn't bother to extend but as there is a problem with the post they probably haven't got tons of candidates come through so they won't want to cut off their nose to spite their face and miss out on good people.
You say it seems like a bit of a gopher role, is it something you need to apply for and then find out more at the interview maybe?

LIZS Thu 09-Aug-07 14:12:17

That's what I'm wondering ,apply anyway for experience and to find out more, like just how many days would the 11 hours split over. I donlt want to find myself having to cover 3 days holiday childcare out of 11 horus money . It is a mixture of admin and dealing directly with people which sounds like a lot to do in that time.

LIZS Sun 12-Aug-07 15:31:55

Application done , should I sent a covering note ?

flowerybeanbag Sun 12-Aug-07 15:47:30

Depends. Sometimes information about applying for jobs is very specific, so if it does specify, do what it says.
If in doubt, do a covering letter saying that you would like to be considered for x role, as advertised in x publication. As they will note from your application you have extensive experience of x, have clearly demonstrated y and have had training in z.

Basically take the main most important skills/experience they have asked for and use your letter to highlight how you have those things, draw attention to the most important and relevant things on your form.

Then say you would welcome the opportunity to discuss your application in more detail and look forward to hearing from them.

good luck!

LIZS Sun 12-Aug-07 15:53:57

"extensive experience of x, have clearly demonstrated y and have had training in z. " hmm that would rather draw attention to my shortcomings, lol ! What is an NVQ level 3 in Customer Service anyway , didn't have them in my day.

Cheers, think I'll do one but keep it brief

LIZS Tue 14-Aug-07 11:22:43

So the deadline for a school office one is this Thursday. I emailed for the application pack on Friday but nothing has yet arrived, by email or post. Rang this morning but only got the answerphone and school is closed until 4th ??

flowerybeanbag Tue 14-Aug-07 12:20:11

hmm, weird.
Is there a Local Authority central number you can ring and ask what's happening? Do you know the email address you contacted for the application pack was actually at the school or might it have been central somewhere?
Don't know what else to suggest!

LIZS Tue 14-Aug-07 12:23:44

Private school so no centralised application system.

LIZS Tue 14-Aug-07 13:08:01

looks like A level results come out on Thursday so I guess someone will pop in then and get the messages.

flowerybeanbag Tue 14-Aug-07 19:31:09

Probably. I would be surprised if they are recruiting for a post and not around for any queries etc, so that's probably correct.

LIZS Thu 23-Aug-07 14:24:47

Finally got hold of someone yesterday and have emailed back the form (original must have disappeared into cyber space). Just had a call inviting me to interview on Tuesday afternoon but can't make it due to prior commitments . I'll call back on Wednesday to see if they haven't already filled it and would then have to try to arrange a baby sitter if they still want to see me before term starts.

flowerybeanbag Sat 25-Aug-07 18:36:44

hi Lizs, that's great that they wanted to see you, hopefully they won't have filled it by Wednesday so you'll be able to arrange another date.
fingers crossed!

LIZS Wed 29-Aug-07 18:02:13

Update - rang this morning and they offered it yesterday asked for them to bear me in mind for the future. A rejection letter this morning for another one , and call telling me I had missed the application deadline to get shortlisted for another (which I had already agreed was ok with someone else) so will wait and see.

flowerybeanbag Wed 29-Aug-07 20:06:13

Oh Lizs, sorry to hear that, how disappointing. Fingers crossed about the one with the deadline problems, and hope other things come up soon as well.

LIZS Wed 29-Aug-07 20:16:05

Seen another one advertised in Trading Standards, I even have vaguely relevant experience, but it is half an hour's drive away. Might work if dh could work more locally but atm he commutes.

LIZS Thu 30-Aug-07 11:45:28

yikes got an interview on Monday ! The post is 34 weeks pa - how can I ask nicely what this actually requires and what holiday entitlement etc is?

flowerybeanbag Thu 30-Aug-07 14:50:47

Lizs excellent news about the interview.
I expect 34 weeks will mean 30 weeks (or whatever it is) or actual working time, i.e during term, and 4 weeks or whatever paid holiday which you take outside termtime.
I'm not an expert on jobs in academic institutions but that's my understanding.
I expect they will explain that to you in the interview anyway, but if not, just say something like 'can I confirm it's 34 weeks a year - could you explain how that works?'

Good luck!

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