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Is it better to work longer hours or more days?

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Toastytoes1 Sun 01-Sep-19 22:54:33

I’m only 12 weeks pregnant with my first but I’m already stressing about what I’m going to do about work. I started a new job early this year; a job I’d worked incredibly hard to get and build towards and it is ‘my dream job’ essentially. We were trying to get pregnant but just happened to be incredibly lucky and got pregnant far quicker than we thought was likely. My job is an hours drive away and I work 4 10 hour days, so am out of the house 12 hours total. I’m now really worried that when my maternity leave ends, I won’t see my baby virtually at all for 4 days a week. Working part time is not an option for me as I earn more than my husband. Its not at all that I’m worried my baby won’t be okay; but I’ll miss them.
The alternative is I return to my previous job which I did enjoy; it’d be slightly less money and the option isn’t available to do 4 days so I’d have to do 5 days but it is closer to home so they would be more civilised hours (likely out of the house for 9 hours rather than 12).
My husband is very anti this idea as he feels I worked so hard to get the job I have now, he thinks I’ll regret giving it up and having to try to get it again in another 5 years or so when I feel ready. I think he is right really but I just hate the idea of not seeing my baby for 4 days a week. At least returning to a shorter work day I’d get a decent evening with them every day. But then by doing 4 days I’d get one extra full day just me and them to really enjoy with them; as well as weekends when I’m lucky my husband also doesn’t work so we can enjoy as a family.
I know its a long way off (I plan to take the full year’s maternity leave so I at least don’t have to leave them until after their first birthday) but I’m just curious what other people think is the better option and how other full time working Mums make it work?
Thank you

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PictureWall Sun 01-Sep-19 22:59:00

It’s probably quite personal but I much prefer a full day at home with the kids to several evenings.

When I get home from work I’m still in work mode and I find adjusting to the pace of the kids near impossible . I am shouty and irritable. But when I have a full day with them I am absorbed in their works and their pace and I love it.

Also with a day at home you get to do activities, make local mum friends, host play dates as they get older.

Is there a third option where you stick with the four day a week job but move closer so there is less commute?

ChangeItChild Sun 01-Sep-19 23:09:49

Longer hours and less days is definitely easier with kids.

pinksquash13 Sun 01-Sep-19 23:12:27

I agree. Not only does the job pay more but I'd choose long days plus one off over the other option. Could you move closer to your work?

Toastytoes1 Sun 01-Sep-19 23:32:55

Thank you for your replies. We have considered moving closer but currently we’re pretty much bang in the middle for my work and husband’s work. If we moved closer that’d significantly increase his commute and leave him with less time with the baby; he’ll be a great, hands on Dad so that wouldn’t be any fairer to him. 4 long days would work now also because he’s self employed so can be very flexible around pick ups and drop offs at child care where I have to be in work at certain times but if he has an increased commute time his flexibility would significantly decrease. We haven’t ruled it out but we very much like our house and the area we live so I don’t think at the minute its a viable option.

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haveuheard Tue 03-Sep-19 14:53:11

Long days when they are preschoolers at nursery, more short days when they are at school.

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