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Help please! Working notice after maternity

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emanne Tue 27-Aug-19 19:08:54

I'll try and explain best i can.. basically im due back to work in December, but ive requested to return in September as my SMP money runs out then. Ive also asked to add on a weeks annual leave so returning 7th October. I put in a flexible working request which today has been refused. My contract says i have to work 1 month notice (nothing about maternity though).
I will have 28 days holiday to take too. Im planning on resigning because i dont get paid enough to go back full time.
My question is... will i have to return to work to work my notice after handing in my resignation letter? Can i use my annual leave instead of going back?
I know you have to have resigned during your maternity leave to not have to work your notice, however if i resigned tomorrow say, would that still count as 'resiging during maternity leave' as i'm using a week of annual leave on the end of my maternity? I hope this makes sense 🙈

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