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I NEED GOOD LUCK VIBES! I ahev a job interview at 1.15 pm!!!!

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IntergalacticWalrus Mon 06-Aug-07 09:01:17

I have been asked to work for my old company (very flattered) and they said I could work from hom, but they will still need to interview me for the job. I'm shitting myself, because I hacve been languishing at hom for 3 years. It's only part time, but financially will make a mahoosive differnce to me and DP.

The job is proofreading (ha ha, have you seen my typing????!!!!) and a bit of writing for a mag

I'm scared of offices and my noggin feels wooly.

beansprout Mon 06-Aug-07 09:03:23

Woo-hoo!! Good luck!!

littlelapininhercar Mon 06-Aug-07 09:03:40

oooooh, good luck! Hope that woolly noggin knits into a working brain!

You'll be fine. Let us know how it goes .

IntergalacticWalrus Mon 06-Aug-07 09:04:48


nomdeplume Mon 06-Aug-07 09:05:40

best of british IGW. You'll walk it, I'm sure.

littlelapininhercar Mon 06-Aug-07 09:07:51

Deep breaths, shorty . Look, THEY asked YOU, that's a massive compliment. The interview is a formality, just to make sure you haven't grown 3 heads in the meantime or turned into a walrus or summat!

Biglips Mon 06-Aug-07 09:09:17

Good luck!!! xxxxxx

IntergalacticWalrus Mon 06-Aug-07 09:09:45

Oh, but I have turned into a walrus. A big fat wobbly one (I used to be so slim. Sigh)

I'm sure it will be fine, it's just the whole going into an office thing <bites nilas> I never feel worthy.

littlelapininhercar Mon 06-Aug-07 09:11:13

Shuuuuuuddddduuuuupppppp! Look on the bright side - it will be airconditioned and nice and cool!

IntergalacticWalrus Mon 06-Aug-07 09:12:42

No air con in this partic office. When I worked there I positively melted for 3 months of the year It's like a |Turkish Bath

crispyduck Mon 06-Aug-07 09:13:40

good luck...x

IntergalacticWalrus Mon 06-Aug-07 11:05:28

Fuckety fuck [

Carmenere Mon 06-Aug-07 11:08:59

Oh you will be fine IG. They know you are right for the job, this is just a formality. But good luck all the same

IntergalacticWalrus Mon 06-Aug-07 11:16:20

I know deep down it's a formilty, but it's just the whole ineterview thing. I worryy that I'll make a tit of myself and that'll be it!

americantrish Mon 06-Aug-07 11:27:01

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Tortington Mon 06-Aug-07 11:28:10

muchio good luck xxxxx

IntergalacticWalrus Mon 06-Aug-07 15:20:55

I got it, plus they offered me about 3 grabnd a year more than I was expecting! Hurrah!

Biglips Mon 06-Aug-07 15:23:36

YIPPEE!!!!!! Celebrations are in order TONIGHT!!

well done x

IntergalacticWalrus Mon 06-Aug-07 15:48:06

Just need to sort out childcare now. It will rpobably be easier to shit a marrow than get them both lolked after by the same person

nomdeplume Mon 06-Aug-07 19:09:47

Just seen this ! Congrats to you. When is your start date ?

littlelapin Mon 06-Aug-07 19:14:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Carmenere Mon 06-Aug-07 20:58:38

great news IW, I knew you had it in the bag, congratulations

Tortington Mon 06-Aug-07 21:46:10

oh well done many congrats xx

yeahinaminute Tue 07-Aug-07 11:39:12

Ah - just caught up on this - Well done you Walrus - ey one ..... get DS1 in to WASP pre-school and ask there about local childminders - have you tried the RUH ??

IntergalacticWalrus Tue 07-Aug-07 12:38:06

Think I have a CM sorted who can take both of them. I'm going to see her on Thursday.
DS1 starts nursery in November which will make it all a bit cheaper.

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