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Returning to teaching

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Kplpandd Sat 31-Aug-19 16:41:12

Ah thank you so much for your reply, I'm not near London but near Bimingham and it's been 10 years since I taught. I hope you are getting on okay since you've been back!

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SarBear1980 Thu 29-Aug-19 07:44:16

The struggles we have with recruitment I’m pretty sure you won’t have any issues finding work...especially if you are London or fringes. I had time off with my son when we went through the 1-9 changes in my subject and was petrified to go back to the classroom but I just read up, we had department CPD and after 6 weeks I felt like I’d never had a break!! Also DfE encouraging schools to offer more flexible alternatives to encourage more back to classrooms so don’t be scared to ask for part time if you want it. Good Luck!

Kplpandd Wed 21-Aug-19 13:07:59

Hi all, I left my job as a primary school teacher to be a sahm. My youngest is off to school this year so am planning to prepare to go back to teaching.

I'm worried that I'm employable now that I've been out of the loop for so long. If anyone can reassure me it's possible to return to teaching that would be great. I have registered for advise on the government website too.

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