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Handing in notice while on mat leave

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GooglingThrough Thu 15-Aug-19 10:05:21

I'm currently on mat leave, which officially doesn't end until Jan '20 but I'd agreed with my current employer that I'd return to work in October (technically Sept, using my accrued holiday).

However I've now been offered a job at a local agency which will cut my commute from 1+ hr to 15min!

Question is, how do I give notice to my current employer? Do I need to call my manager? Or send a formal email?

I understand they may make me work my notice period (though hoping they won't). But not sure how to bite the bullet and tell them!!

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ChicCroissant Thu 15-Aug-19 10:11:49

Check your maternity leave policy, as employers are meant to assume that you are taking the whole 12 months and may have a clause about how much notice they would like to end the leave early which you will be doing by resigning (typically it is 8 weeks). I would let your manager know as a courtesy and also send a written resignation as well.

Good luck with the new job, OP!

ClaraLane Thu 15-Aug-19 10:15:44

Where do you work? Have you checked your maternity leave policy to see if you’d need to pay any of your mat leave pay back?

GooglingThrough Thu 15-Aug-19 10:42:14

It was a small independent agency, so only got stat pay, so know I don't need to pay anything back.

I just hate handing in notice anyways, always feel awkward. Seems even worse over the phone!!

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carly2803 Fri 06-Sep-19 22:13:51

email it over.

to be blunt, you owe them nothing

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