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Going self employed In CTC

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Posesinavase Wed 07-Aug-19 14:08:14

My husband is employed but I've been a stay at home parent (thanks to the cost of childcare) so have been we've getting a payment for child tax credit. I would like to go back to work on a self employed basis but it will take me a while to start making money and take a salary and we can't afford to lose the CTC until I'm earning.

Does anyone have any experience /knowledge or know where I can turn for help. I've been to CAB but they couldn't help as they can only tell me what my entitlements will be based on figures which I don't have.

I'd like to know at what point will I lose my child tax credit payment.
Is it as soon as I tell them I'm self employed even if I have zero income from it or can I tell them I'm self employed and update them my income as I make it.
So confused

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