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Question for accountants

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BeckieMc Wed 17-Jul-19 19:27:05

I work as a management accountant (fully chartered) and I am due to go on mat leave with dd2, there will be 22 months between them. I am considering becoming a SAHM until dd2 is 2 and possibly having another child and taking 2 years off with them too having 4 years off in total if we are insane enough to have a 3rd! Our family would be then complete and it consolidates the time I'm away from my career

My question is how damaging will this be for my career? 2 years I don't think it would but 4 I'm not too sure. My husband has a good salary and we are comfortable financially, he is more than happy for me to stay at home. I will do a bit of self employed work while I'm off to have something on my cv

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Rumi1 Wed 07-Aug-19 06:13:52


I'm also fully chartered finance director , but when I youngest son who is now 4 I was a FC for a small business. I only took off 10 months,my reasons for going back so early was mainly knowledge and skill starting to diminish...

It really does depend on your knowledge and experience when entering back into the market

Also with Brexit accounting rules and IFRS's are changing and new ones are being created

My advice would be to keep up to date with your CPD

also try and work self employed whist off. 1/2 days a week for a local business or firm . Just to keep your skills up to date

I think taking 4 years out may mean starting again and working your way up. You may have the chartered status but you won't have the supported continuation of experience to back it up after 4 years out at home.

When you are ready to return to work - be selective ... there are a lot of businesses that run a back to work programs ( Network Rail , KPMG are 2 that come to mind )

Wishing you all the best

Being able to stay at home is a blessing

Enjoy this journey- they grow so quick x

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