new job feeling overwhelmed

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louloured Wed 10-Jul-19 19:08:02

hi everyone hope you're all well.ive just started a new job after 6 years with no childcare and thought was going well.never worked retail before so it's all new but trying my hardest .keep making minor mistakes and this one person who's younger and has experience just talks to me like crap .just feeling like quitting already and not feeling I'm good enough for the role though I was hired for my personality and smile lol .any advice be so much appreciated xxxxx

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lljkk Wed 10-Jul-19 19:15:10

Play on your strengths (being charming).

Ask the crap-talker person for advice & help, this will encourage them to actually be helpful. It doesn't matter who is older or younger.

Ignore any patronising things they say. You will be as competent as them in no time; you will sell more items in the end due to your better people skills, too.

louloured Wed 10-Jul-19 19:22:38

oh bless you thanks so much .Just been out of work for so long was nervous when I started and it's just this one person it's like she relished having a go at me and a customer was so rude to me and rolled his eyes at the customers behind him .honestly I could've cried and happily snuggled in a corner lol.have you had bad experiences at new jobs in the past ?

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lljkk Wed 10-Jul-19 19:31:42

I've been sacked after 3 weeks, yes! It wasn't a job suited to my strengths....

It wouldn't surprise me if pandering to the ego of the crap-speaker might make her a lot easier to work with.

louloured Wed 10-Jul-19 19:51:42

good idea I'll try it thank you .she's only there till September so I'll try stick it out .thank you so much for your advice really needed a pick me up and to ventflowerssmile

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BruceTheMoose Wed 10-Jul-19 20:00:44

I've been in retail for 12 years and I started a new retail job in April and I felt exactly the same as you! I felt useless and couldn't get the hang of their way of doing things. I've had rude customers tutting and being impatient with me. It made me feel awful and I wasn't new to retail!

I felt like a few members of staff were arseholes towards me and thinking I was crap at the job. I just kept being nice to them and they all seem to have come around now.

You'll get the hang of it in no time and in a months time you'll wonder why you were so bothered smile

louloured Wed 10-Jul-19 20:10:21

thanks Bruce really needed to know I wasn't just been daft lol think I'd know better at my age blush.I think she just doesn't like me as my boss was looking forward to me starting as been a customer for so long and been job hunting for 2 years but no luck till he asked me to apply .it just means alot to be working again and doing something for me as a person .well done you for overcoming the asshole s lol

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BruceTheMoose Wed 10-Jul-19 20:35:01

Some people can be a bit territorial when it comes to their jobs and they can be funny with new starters. Just get on with your work, keep being nice to her and she'll hopefully come around.

Don't worry about making mistakes etc. You'll get past that stage and you'll soon get the hang of things

louloured Wed 10-Jul-19 20:49:42

here's hoping thanks again .next time I'm there I'll put your advice to practice .have a good evening

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