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MrsScavo Sat 28-Jul-07 20:07:27

DS 2 is starting school this September, and DD will start school in 2 years time. I can not bear the thought of never working again, but have no idea what to do. I dropped out of doing A levels, but have a Motessori Teaching Diploma, and NVQ 3 Childcare and Education.

With 3 DC's obviously childcare in the holidays / after shool would be a pain.

Any ideas, anyone? Am I doomed to house work forever?

Tortington Sat 28-Jul-07 20:13:18

i will sae you from flyland

just thinking wildly - out of the sky shit going onhere .....teacher?

Katymac Sat 28-Jul-07 20:14:54

Unless you desparatly want to get out the house - what about childminding?

LaDiDaDi Sat 28-Jul-07 20:16:12

Play Specialist in local hospital childrens department.

MrsScavo Sat 28-Jul-07 20:46:53

I did childmind for several years, and loved it. I stopped when I had DD, and we moved ito a rented house. We're about to move into a house that will need atlast a years renovation (DH doing most of the work himself), but realistically, I will probably go back to childminding.

It would be nice to do something completely different, that was a bit of a challange for me personally.

ZZMum Sat 28-Jul-07 20:54:26

kids into nursery or after school club -- you back to college to study?

MrsScavo Sat 28-Jul-07 21:27:44

I have not idea what to study, just like I didn't when I was 18. I need to be told.

ZZMum Sat 28-Jul-07 22:35:51

have you been to see a career advisor> If you are OK with theidea of studying, which is where I was leading,before I got distracted and wandered off, then you have loads more optionsopen to you -- you just need to explore them -- get to the local college and/or library to find ot what is available -- get the Parachute book and start thinking ..

Oh and read this...

thought provoking!

swtb Sat 28-Jul-07 22:42:20

I volunteered at our local adult education college between our two DDs - helping out in adult literacy classes. This lead to me qualifying as a Adult Learner Support Tutor. Took less than a year and, because I was voluteering, the college paid for my creche place.

I worked in a paid role until leaving to have DD2. You can do as many or few sessions as you like, there are 3 each day (am,pm and eve) plus some Saturdays if that suits.

All holidays off and the adult term is shorter so a few extra weeks off too.

Pay is good (over £10 an hour locally in Essex).

Very rewarding - just depends whether you want a change from helping children to develop.

Good luck!

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