Working reduced hours but seems like full time

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redbirdblackbird Tue 09-Jul-19 01:50:38

What’s the solution? I’d have that ready before you speak to them or they might just say you need to increase hours to carry out your job properly

Countrylifemama Tue 09-Jul-19 01:45:08

Hi all

So having gone back to work after mat leave I decided to reduce my working hours from 37 hours to 26 hours (1 day off and 2 days 8-2) to help manage kids

I am at a mgmt level and have 7 people in my team most of who are new. It seems like the past few months I’ve been working many more hours as the size of the team is quite big the other mgrs are managing ~8 in their team and work full time.

Should I be speaking with my mgmt about the balance as it seems like I’m still managing a full time capacity? Or would this then mean they would ask me to increase hours


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