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Ante natal it a proper career that pays?

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3andnomore Fri 27-Jul-07 23:21:27

Sorry, a I know a fickle question.
I htink it's somehting I owuld like to do and possibly even be good the end if I do a Job it needs tp pay o.k. so does it? Is it worth doing the course...otehr the for a fulfilling career of course...

3andnomore Sat 28-Jul-07 17:03:22


flowerybeanbag Sat 28-Jul-07 17:24:09

hi 3andnomore sorry if I'm stating the obvious but have you contacted the NCT? Apologies if you have and I am teaching you to suck eggs. On their website the email address for vacancies is, give that a try?

3andnomore Sat 28-Jul-07 17:29:16

Hi, I have enquired in the past about it, but was not really given an answer as to how "profitable" it could be...suppose depends on area and things like that.....just would like to know a rough estimate on earning potential...
I mean, it's somehting I know I would enjoy doing...but, in the longterm I have to think about finances, iykwim...

flowerybeanbag Sat 28-Jul-07 17:35:31

aha, in that I can't help you but I'm sure people will be along who do/have done it for a living who will be able to give you an idea.

geekgirl Sat 28-Jul-07 17:38:59

I have a friend who is an antenatal teacher - her career has really taken off, she teaches lots (£25 ph), is on call for the helpline (£15 ph) and is in the process of doing whatever is required to turn her training into a fully-fledged degree, which will enable her to become a tutor for prospective a/n teachers.

It does sound like a good job in lots of ways.

geekgirl Sat 28-Jul-07 17:41:52

I'm not sure how much she earns per annum, but I know that she teaches 3 classes per week, so that's 6 hours of teaching as well as some extra pay for preparing her house for the class/tidying up afterwards, and is on call 3 hours per week. She also does the occasional weekend course.

She has three small children and is planning to do a lot more teaching once they are all at school, there is a lot of demand in this area.

3andnomore Sat 28-Jul-07 18:01:24

thank ou anyway flowery
And geekgirl, than you for that info.

3andnomore Thu 09-Aug-07 20:34:34

Just read through all the Information, and really think I will go ahead with it, as long as I can get the usual NCT funding to do it
Really think I owuld enjoy doing this

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