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Getting into gaming/programming work in the next 2/3 years. What can i do to get started?

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Iamnotacerealkiller Fri 05-Jul-19 15:29:26

Hi all. I have a child and another on the way and have been using what time I have to plan for my future.

My dream job would be an environment artist 2d or 3d. This is connected to my past roles as a 3d designer so I think would suit me well and I already have lots of transferable skills.

My son will be going into part time child care in September and my second is due in Feb so I would like to use that time to get started on whatever training I would need. I have been learning some programming as I would like to have some basic skills there.

I suppose I am looking for some advice for things I can do long term as well as stuff to do as and when I'm able to with the kids. Happy to consider professional qualifications or training in the future. I don't know if there are appentiships for people in my position or something that will help with getting first experience. This would give me something to aim for.

Any help much appreciated.

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