What can I do from home?

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noitsachicken Wed 03-Jul-19 16:28:05

What job could I do from home, which could be done as and when I could fit it in?
Ie a few hours here and there?

Any suggestions of jobs I could research please?


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alidew Wed 03-Jul-19 17:49:13

What do you like doing? I did book-keeping, some web programming and translation work over the years - clients didn't care when I did the work as long as it got done. Those jobs suited me as I rarely had to keep the children quiet for phonecalls and could sit at the computer in the evenings, although doing a VAT return late at night when you're tired isn't much fun!

noitsachicken Wed 03-Jul-19 17:53:39

Well I’m not really trained in anything useful! So just thinking of unskilled things, or something that requires minimal training?

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