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CV help please

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Dairymilkmuncher Tue 25-Jun-19 23:49:56

What do you write in a CV to be a carer/befriender/support worker if you have no relative experience or qualifications?

I'm just lost for words, I've been a SAHP for four years and my children haven't been the easiest (ASD and CHD) I feel like I could do a great job (evenings and weekends are ideal too) I just don't know what to write to fill the gaps and I'm almost embarrassed at my office work experience that have nothing to do at what I want to apply for.

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GeorgeTheBleeder Wed 26-Jun-19 06:41:38

Sorry to be unhelpful but why do you want to move into an area that pays so poorly and provides so much stress? (I realise you may be limited regarding working hours.)

I can understand someone not wanting to return to generic office work - but there must be a million more satisfying careers than care work, even as a stepping stone. (And it seems absurd that paid caring is available to people without any qualifications at all.)

What office skills do you have? Could they not be redirected into more ‘caring’ sectors? Alternatively - anything else you’re interested in will be founded on its office admin.

BadnessInTheFolds Wed 26-Jun-19 06:55:25

There's sample CVs online for after a career break, it could be helpful to look at those. Mumsnet has an article on it particularly for SAHP.

What are they looking for on the job description? E.g. reliable/friendly/stays calm in the face of the unexpected. Look for ways you can show that on your CV from office experience (built friendly relationships with co-workers, helped out when things went wrong etc)

Then in your cover letter I would draw on your experience of being a parent to children with SEN to evidence that you're aware of some of the difficulties vulnerable people might have in navigating society. Also make sure you include plenty about your motivation to be a career more generally and with that particular client group and employer.

You say you think you would do a great job, what qualities do you have that make you think that? Brainstorm them and then think about how you can show them.

Would it be possible to get some voluntary experience as a befriender to help with applications in future?

Dairymilkmuncher Wed 26-Jun-19 19:56:03

Thank you BadnessInTheFolds I did it, I was just getting writers block last night thinking that I couldn't do anything

GeorgeTheBleeder the local ones I've seen have ace hours that fit in with my Dh work, jobs I like the sound of doing(stuff I do at home for my own family) that help people to stay at home and says full training given. Fingers crossed it all works out I'd love a job I could be proud of

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BadnessInTheFolds Wed 26-Jun-19 21:13:23

Of that's great to hear: good luck!

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