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Flexible working and maternity return

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lottieleo Tue 25-Jun-19 20:30:54

I am due to return to a position in 2 weeks within the local authorities following 12 months mat leave. Following submitting my flexible working policy and have a meeting 28days go, I have still had no formal response.
I have been in contact requesting answers as i am due back soon, however have only been informally told this request is denied (no reason given) today and that I need to attends a meeting with HR at the end of this week to discuss options.

Management have breached their own flexible working policy by not sticking to the given time lines and not giving me a formal response.
So now I'm due back In two weeks and it's not possible for me to arrange any other options than the ones I have requested.
Anybody with HR experience know what are they likely to suggest?

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soupmaker Tue 25-Jun-19 20:52:55

Are you a union member? I work for a trade union representing council workers. You should be able to appeal the decision not to grant your flexible working request. If the employer has breached their own policy this should be used in any appeal. We've always won appeals where timescales weren't adhered to. Good luck.

Xyzzzzz Tue 25-Jun-19 20:55:32

I was going to say if a timescale hasn’t been met then you should be able to appeal, and in my experience it has always been overturned due to the timescale not being met

Proteinshakesandtears Tue 25-Jun-19 20:56:27

If it was 28 days since the meeting and they have given you a date for a meeting, they probably haven't broken their guidelines.

Usually there is a side note that if the second meeting isnt with 28 days, but you are given a date, that's acceptable.

It really depends on the wording

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