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Care assistant - what hours do you work?

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nonamemummy Sun 23-Jun-19 13:03:24

So I’m applying for some jobs in a care home as a care assistant. I have 2 young children so could any care assistants please let me know what your usual working hours are please. Particularly part time people smile

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bibbidybob Mon 24-Jun-19 13:50:41

The care home I have just started at does 12 hour shifts - basically day or night!

MaMisled Mon 24-Jun-19 13:54:21

We do 12 hour shifts day and night. Also 6hr shifts 8am to 2pm and 2pm to 8pm. We also regularly do shorter shifts to make up our hours at busy times, so 7am to 11am, 7pm to 10pm . Most care settings are desperate for good, reliable staff and will be flexible!

Sonicknuckles Mon 24-Jun-19 13:57:53


UserUndone Mon 24-Jun-19 13:59:57

Do you have a car?

I work as a carer in the community visiting people in their homes. Small amount of personal care, mostly companionship, so I basically get paid to take older folk out for coffee and cake.

Beware who you work for, some companies are dreadful.

I'm very lucky in that all my visits are for an hour minimum and I'm given time to get from call to call.

Much more flexible than a care home.

nonamemummy Mon 24-Jun-19 15:09:14

Thanks everyone.
So bibbidybob and MaMisled are you both working full time there then?

UserUndone I was thinking about that job before. I do have a car now. What sort of hours do you do for that?

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UserUndone Mon 24-Jun-19 15:36:06

It varies. I can do as many as I want if they've got the clients. I prefer though to not be committed to more than 30 so that I can help out if a carer goes off sick. Some carers only do ten or thereabouts.

bibbidybob Mon 24-Jun-19 15:36:43

I've been doing training shifts so far - I've been an extra. I will be part time doing 24 hours a week.

JacMarScar Mon 24-Jun-19 15:38:32

I work part time in a care home, shifts are 8-2/2-8 or 8-8 in the day or 8-8 night shifts. I have a 20 month old so I work 2 set days a week doing 8-8 shifts (nursery one day a week and grandparents on the weekend shift)

Lozz22 Mon 24-Jun-19 15:40:39

I do home care 7am till 10pm May get half an hour break in a morning depending on calls and traffic. I get 2 hours for my dinner and sometimes again depending on calls a short break around 6:30 to have a cuppa my company is Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday one week and the following week Wednesday, Thursday and Friday that way everyone gets every other weekend off

nonamemummy Mon 24-Jun-19 16:08:53

Well I’ve just had a call and I have an interview next week, I’m really excited! If I get the job I would leave my current job (very flexible working hours) but I’m only wondering about the hours as I’d be free most time except 3 days a week I drop off and pick up my toddlers to nursery

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ChimpyChops Mon 24-Jun-19 16:10:14

We work 7-2 or 2-9 at our home, nights are 9pm - 7.30am.
Some people choose to do 7am - 9pm, usually as overtime.

KnittingForMittens Mon 24-Jun-19 16:12:53

I'm no longer a care assistant but when I was, my first job was in community care and my hours ranged anywhere between 6.45am till 10.30pm (I did about 3 split shifts in one day). Second job was in a care home and I did either 7-2, 2-9 or 7-9 (14 hour shift). I know certain companies only offer 12 hour shifts, some do part time shifts as well (8-2), but it just depends on the company itself.

MaMisled Tue 25-Jun-19 09:07:12

I work 10 twelve hour shifts a month, day and night, my choice to do both. I can always pick up extra 12 hour or 3 to 5 hour shifts to cover holiday/sickness /busy times. Care does tend to be very flexible so do discuss your availability and preferred hours. I'm sure they'll be happy to accommodate you. Good luck!

nonamemummy Tue 25-Jun-19 12:12:00

Thanks for your replies everyone. Just one more thing, do you have to work Christmas Day then? I’m guessing you probably can’t ask for it off? If I do get the job, I’d hate to have to work Xmas day as I have a 1 and 3 year old. My current job gives us the day off so has never been a problem

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Sonicknuckles Tue 25-Jun-19 12:51:08

Nonamemummy same here as it's also my DC birthday on Christmas day

Sparkle733 Tue 25-Jun-19 12:55:26

When I worked in a residential home we used to work Xmas day one year and the year after have Xmas day off and work New Year’s Day.
So, it was fair on all the staff.

nonamemummy Tue 25-Jun-19 14:02:19

I have no problem working Xmas eve, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, would just be gutted if I had to work Xmas day!

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UserUndone Tue 25-Jun-19 14:23:31

My employer gives me a choice of either Christmas or New Year but since I work in the community most visits are cancelled as clients spend the holiday with family.

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