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daisy861 Fri 14-Jun-19 11:39:26

Hi ladies
Does anyone know anything about the above course run by FutureFit or what it might lead to?

The course qualifies you as a nutritional advisor/ weight loss consultant and it's accredited by Association for Nutrition etc (professional body for nutritionists with a degree).

Sounds interesting as a flexible work-for-yourself idea, fitting around family life (I've been a SAHM for a few years and DH works long hours).

In theory, I can see how this might work out. There ARE nutritional advisors/ motivators/ therapists out there but not sure how much money they make or how many clients they realistically get. I understand people can run nutrition or weight management workshops but again I know very little about this. Talks in schools? Is this actually a possibility? Any idea of the market for this kind of thing? Possible 'specialisations' include pregnancy/ postnatal nutrition and type 2 diabetes but again I don't know the demand.....

Thanks! X

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Butternutsqoosh Fri 14-Jun-19 13:08:45

I've just signed up with these guys to become a level 3 personal trainer, I don't think you can just do the nutrition unless you're already level 3 qualified, it's a level 4 I believe and one I will be adding on in the future.

daisy861 Fri 14-Jun-19 13:42:45

Thanks Butternutsqoosh...... I chatted to them only recently and they sent me the details of the new Level 4 diploma. Included in the course breakdown is the standard diploma (level 3 I'm guessing) but as you say I'm sure it's possible to 'add on' if already level 3 qualified. It's all a bit confusing as not a lot of details on website and they rely on personal contact to advise, but I'm pretty sure you can do the nutrition course seperately to the personal training. It's just working out where it might lead and whether it's worth it!! :-)

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daisy861 Fri 14-Jun-19 13:46:46

*standard nutrition diploma

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