Don’t know if it’s worth going back to work

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Dannii5 Thu 13-Jun-19 13:11:18

Hi! I have an interview tomorrow for a job 12 hours a week. I would be earning £468 a month, but having done an online calculation it appears I will only be £68 a month better off overall, when taking into consideration loosing money from tax credits and housing benefit. Surely this can’t be right ?! My partner works full time and earns £22000 a year , which we consider to be a fairly good wage but it still gets topped up to make ends meet with housing benefit and tax credits. It’s seems crazy that most of this will be taken away if I work. The £68 extra we would get would only just cover the petrol for getting there and back so doesn’t seem worth it, not to mention the difficulties we will have juggling childcare for 3 children. Someone please tell me the computers wrong !

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