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Should i treat this as a NHS interview or not?

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Firefly111 Mon 10-Jun-19 12:00:11

I have a interview next week for a admin role in a hospice, the role was advertised both on the NHS jobs site and the careers section of the hospices website which is the way i applied. I haven't been told the interview is competency based so i'm just a bit unsure what to expect/prepare for! The person spec is rather small with not much info on it so only a couple of points that i could find specific examples for to use. Just stressing a bit about the best way to prepare!! The hospice isn't solely funded via the NHS so not sure if i'll be employed by the NHS or by the hospice if that makes sense? Id appreciate any advice!

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maxelly Mon 10-Jun-19 14:07:49

In terms of preparing for the interview, I would treat it much the same as if it was an NHS role, so prepare lots of examples you can use in competency situation (use what there is on the PS plus the usual ones you'd expect for an admin role, team working, time management, dealing with difficult customers/difficult conversations, problem solving are ones that come to mind), plus of course answers to the usual questions about why you want the role, why you would be suitable etc.

In terms of who employs you, it will almost certainly be the hospice that will be your employer. It might be on NHS terms and conditions or it might be their own T&Cs, you will need to ask - some hospices mimic Agenda for Change particularly for nurses and other clinicians as it's the best way to attract staff but it's not legally compulsory for them to do so (outside of TUPE situations which this isn't), and certainly for admin staff a lot would use their own T&Cs (not necessarily a bad thing, you would just need to know what they are).

If it's their own T&Cs then you would want to know if they'll recognise your NHS service for the purposes of accruing annual leave and sick leave etc. or whether you will start again at the bottom. Also what their pension scheme is and the arrangements for pay and pay progression. You can find all this out afterwards if offered the job though so don't worry too much for the interview itself... good luck!

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