Radio silence after Interview

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MsMcMurphy Wed 05-Jun-19 15:36:15

Am returning to work in the NHS after many years abroad and last week attended an interview. All well, positive vibes etc and at the end was told they are still interviewing but would let me know either that evening or the next day.

A week later have still heard nothing. I phoned them up yesterday and was informed by the receptionist that the person I needed to speak to was not in and on explaining why I was calling was told I should have been called and apologised. She would pass on the message. But still no call back.

Now, I am fully aware that I have not got the job, but my thoughts are: am I being unreasonable in finding this behaviour extremely unprofessional or is this a thing in the UK whereby "no news is bad news"? Is it not polite to inform the unsuccessful candidate and give them feedback? It just feels wrong.

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